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Data currently unavailable

We are currently experiencing problems with our database and are working to resolve these as soon as possible.

For technical questions please contact the Web Team at webstrategy@dmo.gsi.gov.uk or call 020 7862 6735 / 6736

For press enquiries contact the Press Office on 020 7862 6501

The latest available Gilt and Treasury Bill prices and yields are also published as follows -

GiltsDMO Pages 4, 5, 6 and 7
Treasury BillsDMO Page 12
Conventional Gilts0#GBTSY=GEMM
Index-linked Gilts0#GBTSYIL=GEMM
Treasury Bills0#UKTB=DMO

For other information about

Gilt and Treasury Bill prices and yields- please call 020 7862 6501 / 6735
Public Works Loan Board interest rates- please call 020 7862 6610

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