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Gilt Market

Gilt Market

Auctions and Other Operations

This section provides information about the DMO’s auctions and other operations in the gilt market.

The issuance calendar provides details of the outright auction schedule for both the current and previous financial years, including the dates of the auctions and the type of gilt to be auctioned in each case (conventional or index-linked). As details about a particular auction are announced (e.g. which specific gilt is being auctioned and the size of the auction) these are added to the calendar and after the auction the figure for the cash proceeds is added.

The section on results of gilt operations provides the results of outright gilt auctions, as well as the results of other less frequent types of operations such as syndicated offerings, tenders, switch auctions, conversion offers and taps.

The average gilt issuance yields report shows the average yield of gilt issuance in each financial year from 1998-99 to date.

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