The DMO puts small text files (known as cookies) onto your computer to collect information about how you use the site to ensure our website works properly and behaves as you would expect and to understand how we can improve the site for the benefit of all our visitors.

We use Google Analytics software to collect information about how you use this site. Google Analytics stores information about:

  • the pages you visit on the site
  • how long you spend on each of the pages
  • how you got to the site
  • what you click on while you’re visiting the site

We don’t collect or store your personal information (for example your name or address) so this information can’t be used to identify who you are.


Google Analytics





This lets us know if you’ve visited before, so we can count how many of our visitors are new to the site or to a certain page

2 years


It is used to throttle the request rate, limiting the collection of data on high traffic pages.

1 min


This is responsible for tracking user behaviour and allows us to distinguish between users.

24 hours of inactivity


We don’t allow Google to use or share our analytics data.

Other cookies used by this site are classified as ‘strictly necessary’ under the relevant regulations[i] as these ensure that, for instance, searches are returned to you because a randomly generated number has been assigned to create a unique session for you.  Our website would not work without them.


How do I change my cookie settings

You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on the ‘C’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser window. You can then adjust the slider and click ‘X’ to save your preference and close the cookie banner.


Alternatively, your web browser will have controls over most cookies available in the browser settings. For more information on cookies visit or and to learn how to opt out of being tracked across websites by Google Analytics go to Google tools.

[i] Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011.