Treasury Bills

This section includes a range of data with regards to Treasury bills. More specifically, it includes data on tender results, daily price and yield data (up to 21 July 2017), monthly issuance and stock data, as well as the issuance history of the Treasury bills outstanding.

Please select one of the following links:

The results of all Treasury bill tenders since 14 January 2000 can be accessed using the link above. More particularly, detailed information on the results of individual Treasury bill tenders is provided as well as time series results in a fixed format.

End of day Treasury bill reference prices and yields until 21 July 2017 (the date that the DMO ceased publishing reference prices for gilts, STRIPs and Treasury bills) can be accessed using the link above.  Reference prices for later dates, can be accessed via Tradeweb's Insite website.

Data on total Treasury bill issuance and stock for each month and on debt-related stock at the end of each financial year from 2015-16 onwards can be accessed using the link above.

The issuance history of Treasury bills outstanding that were issued by tender can be accessed using the link above. Details available include when these bills were originally issued and when they were re-issued by tender.