Turnover Data


Detailed turnover data for gilts are available in this section. These data are based on figures reported to the DMO by the Gilt-edged Market Makers (GEMMs).

The report on All GEMMs' aggregate turnover provides turnover data on a weekly basis, including a breakdown by type of counterparty.

The report on All GEMMs' turnover by maturity band provides a breakdown of the aggregate turnover data on a quarterly basis by type of gilt and – within the conventional gilt category – by maturity band.

The Herfindahl index of GEMMs' turnover shows the concentration of turnover amongst the GEMMs.

The annual turnover report provides annual turnover data for each financial year since 1995-96, as well as the annual turnover ratio and the average daily turnover figure. The turnover ratio is a measure of trading intensity and represents the amount the gilt portfolio "turns over" annually.