Aggregated Yields


This section includes data on the returns available from gilts as measured by redemption yields. The redemption yield of a gilt is a measure of the return implicit in its prevailing market price, assuming that the gilt is held to maturity and that all cash flows are reinvested back into the gilt.

The price and yields report includes daily close of business reference yields on all gilts calculated by the DMO between 25 November 2002 and 21 July 2017. Since 24 July 2017 end-of-day reference prices for gilts and STRIPS are produced and administered by FTSE-Tradeweb. They are available without charge to the wider public for non-commercial use from 12.00 noon on the day following initial publication and can be accessed via Tradeweb's Insite website. Commercial users of the prices should contact or 020 7776 3200 about access. These are successor prices to those produced by the DMO up until Friday 21 July 2017 when the DMO ceased producing reference prices for gilts, STRIPS and Treasury bills. Further information on this change in price provision is available here. Prices published up until 21 July 2017 will continue to be available from this website.

In addition, historical average conventional gilt yields are provided, these being calculated as the average daily close of business yields for the prevailing short, medium, long and ultra- long dated benchmark gilts for each month since April 1998.

Average daily yields for 2½% Consolidated Stock XLS (43 KB) are available on an annual basis from 1727 to 2015.