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8 April 2024

The Residual Maturity report for 31 March 2024 is now available

8 April 2024

Year End Values for 31 March 2024 is now available

29 June 2023

The PWLB Report and Accounts 2022-23 are now available

15 June 2023

HMT has introduced a new HRA Rate for Lending, commencing from 15 June 2023, and a new guidance regarding PWLB lending. Further information is available on our Lending Arrangements page.

24 June 2022

The PWLB Report and Accounts 2021-22 are now available.

12 May 2022

HMT has issued new guidance regarding PWLB lending which is available on the Lending Arrangements page.

2 November 2021

The latest version of the PWLB electronic template for PWLB borrowing applications is available on the Lending Arrangements page

21 October 2021

Circular 163 is now available on the Lending Arrangements page

21 October 2021

The latest version of the Technical Note is now available on the Technical Notes page

 12 August 2021

The terms and conditions applied to PWLB lending will change from 8 September 2021. This will increase the turnaround time for a PWLB loan from two to five working days (T+5 settlement), set the minimum interest rate for PWLB loans at 1bp and set a minimum late repayment fee of 10bps. Further information about these changes are set out in this letter from HM Treasury.

For any further questions about these changes please contact

 2 July 2021

The PWLB Report and Accounts 2020-21 are now available

 13 May 2021

The Lending Arrangements and Concessionary Rates pages have been updated to reflect HMT requirements regarding Certainty Rate returns for principal local authorities prior to applying to borrow from the PWLB.